MRF Low-noise Pipe Fittings


N/MRF Low-noise Double-wall Pipe Fittings

N/MRF Low-noise Double-wall Pipe Fittings have been developed to minimize water drainage noise and to prevent condensation during the winter season by connecting watertight packing to DTS (bond adhesive) type. It features a double structure with superior noise reduction performance, and watertight packing is contained inside the joint pipe to prevent water leakage. It is an acclaimed product widely used for piping in high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, and general homes

MRF Low-noise General Pipe Fittings

As a piping material developed through accumulated technology for piping material noises and many years of research, MRF Low-noise General Pipe Fittings are superior products that are widely used in piping in high-rise buildings and multi-family houses.

Examples of Piping Low Noise Pipes and N/MRF Fittings

Low-noise Triple-wall Elbow


Low-noise Triple-wall Elbow 

Reduced noise emission, due to a triple structure, which effectively blocks external transmission when drainage noise is generated.

Mitigation of impact

A hard PVC has been used to minimize the sound of the drain layer at points where major impact sounds occur.

Prevention of condensation

By creating a sound insulation layer inside the product, the coefficient of overall heat transmission resistance is high, preventing condensation on the pipe surfaces in the winter. (Temperature difference between inside and outside of fittings: 8 - 9 ℃) 

Installation Procedure

  • Cut the PVC pipe at right angles to the pipe axis, remove the impurities from the cut, and mark the insertion length on the pipe.
  • With the cap of the triple-wall elbow pointing toward the transverse pipe, cut the pipe connected to the triple-wall elbow and the sleeve to the length of the insert, connect it with the triple-wall elbow, and assemble to the sleeve. Note that the sleeve direct connection type (B ₁) is assembled directly to the sleeve.
  • Loosen the nut of the triple-wall elbow two or three times and insert the pipe.
  • Tighten the nut after pushing the pipe in close contact with the joint
  • When moving the assembled pipes, tighten it one more time after fixing it onto a hanger.
  • High-rise building
  • Apartment building
  • Toilet piping of general houses
B type
triple pipe + triple-wall elbow

B type
double pipe + triple-wall elbow

Insulating pipe (25mm) VG2 + general elbow

B type
VG2 + triple-wall elbow
Sound pressure level (dB)


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