PVC Conduit Fittings

Product Introduction


01 Lightweight and economical. 

Since its specific gravity is 1/5.5 of iron, it is easy to handle and the falling weight impact is strong, so it can be safely buried under concrete.

02 Simple installation

It is perfect for complicated wiring constructions since it can be easily bended and bonded. It is convenient in construction because the special hole conduit box is furnished with hole covers.

03 Flame-resistant. 

Since it is self-extinguishing, there is no risk of fire caused by leakages or sparks.

04 Free of corrosion

Because of its superior chemical resistance, it is easy to use in wiring work where chemical plant’s corrosions and electric erosions often occur.

07 No damage to wire sheaths

With its smooth inner surface, it is easy to insert the wire without damaging the piping and the wire sheath.

05 Single line piping

Can be used for single wire piping, since it is hardly affected electronically, even when used in an AC circuit.

06 Superb electrical insulation

Superb electrical insulation eliminates grounding or insulation painting.

Common Dimensions of Joints