Mechanical-joint PE Compression Fittings

Polyethylene (PE) fittings, intended for the transport of water for human consumption that include raw water before treatment, are better than ever before and easier to use. The demand for this economical product is spreading widely in sectors such as agriculture, industry, and fisheries.

Product Introduction


01 Economical

Low construction costs with a minimal installation period. Unless intentionally damaged, product is durable and semi-permanent, with no maintenance expenses required.

02 Convenient

Simple construction work that takes minimal time.

03 Free from corrosion 

Smooth, semi-permanent water passages that are free from corrosion and rust.

04 Free from toxins and odors

Perfect for drinking water or hot spring water, due to lack of toxicity or odor.

05 Resistant to impact

Nearly unbreakable, even when strong impacts are applied

06 Highly resistant to cold

Does not freeze or bust even in extremely cold weather (up to minus 40 ℃)

  • Water supply
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Industrial use
  • Sanitation facilities