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수도용 폴리에틸렌 기계식(조임식)이음관 전문 생산업체

수도용 폴리에틸렌 기계식(조임식)이음관 전문 생산업체

For 25 years, we demonstrated continuous efforts to creating products that earn customer trust with robust technology in the field of plumbing systems for water use.

MIJOO C&I participated in R&D, eco-friendly technology utilization and policies in cooperation with local industry and universities and established strategies to increase overseas competitiveness, such as building a company-wide Smart Factory System in line with the concepts of the Fourth Revaluation Industry.

Integrate IoT into all processes required for design and production, connect, collect, and manage real-time data using a manufacturing execution system (MES)

MIJOO C&I employees are committed to customer satisfaction based on pride as a professional producer of polyethylene mechanical (tightening type) fittings for water supply through quality control that meets domestic and international standards.



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